Wednesday, 26 September 2012

TMS2 Teaser #1

I know you've all been (im)patiently waiting for a sneak peek ;) So here it is! Enjoy....

When I wake Jake isn’t beside me.

It’s still dark out. Glancing at the clock, I see it’s 3am. Rubbing my eyes awake, I climb out of our bed, and go to look for him.

I find him out by the pool sitting on a lounger with his back to me, smoking a cigarette, dressed in only his jeans, his tattoos on full show.

“Hey,” I murmur, coming up behind him, I run my fingers into his thick hair.

Jake tilts his head back into my hand, so I press my fingers against his scalp, massaging him. After a moment, he leans to the side and stubs his cigarette out in the ashtray, then reaches up and takes hold of my hand and pulls me into his lap. He presses his face into the hollow of my neck, and gently kisses my skin.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

He lifts his head, staring into my eyes. “I’m fine.”

He’s not. I can tell.

“You’re not sleeping,” I say softly.

Jake pulls his eyes down into a long blink, his eyelashes rest heavy against his darkened skin. I trace my fingertips over his cheek, up across his brow.

He exhales softly and I feel his warm breath brush over my skin. “I’ve just got work stuff on my mind. Nothing for you to worry about.”

“But I do worry.” I run my fingertip over his lips.

“I know,” he says, and kisses my finger. “But you don’t need to … especially not about that.” He opens his eyes, staring straight into mine. His gaze firm and warning.

Okay. Message received loud and clear.

Leaving the conversation there, I say, “Come back to bed.”

“I’m not ready to sleep,” he replies, moving his fingers gently over my shoulder and under the strap of my nightgown.

My skin burns under his touch.

“Who said anything about sleeping,” I give him a deliberate look.

“Now that I am ready to do,” Jake murmurs, his lips easing into an easy grin. “I'm always ready. And, baby, you should know by now … we don’t need our bed to have sex, I’ll do you anywhere. You only have to ask.”

My stomach tumults, as I glance around at our dark surroundings. “I’m asking,” I reply biting down on my lip.



  1. LOVE IT! How much longer?! ;)

  2. Glad you like it! ;) I've just announced the release date over on FB...!/samantha.towle.56/posts/10151228988029919

  3. Oh wow! I so hope he's not using!

  4. oooo'emmmm'geeeez im barely finding out about the sequel im so excited

  5. Thank you for a sequel!!! Can't wait!!!!!! Love TMS!!!!